Add machine intelligence to any workflow

Use RMVision™ to integrate computer vision, 3D perception, and machine learning into your existing machines to improve efficiency and gather real-time intelligence from your manufacturing floor.

Use cases

Track Inventory

Track any volume-based inventory such as the content in a bin, box, or a barrel, or the amount of separate items on a table. Integrate this data with your ERP or use it to trigger RMMove™ and RMHandle™ functions.

Containers are recognized independently of their location and pose and item count is estimated based on 3D volumetric information.

Track floor space

Floor space utilization is a key indicator of waste in any manufacturing process. Gain a better understanding of where materials build up, and visualize information in RMStudio™‘ map view.

Find empty carts

Track your material handling platforms in the environment and allow RMMove™ to find empty shelves even if your workers have moved them.

Productivity Analytics

Replace the stop watch for getting statistics on manual labor. Defining key workspace constraints and poses of the different steps in a manual task. Use this data to balance your line and optimize material flow.

Your application

Contact us to discuss your specific applications’ needs. Our engineers will provide you with a specific solution often in as little as 24h. Building up on scalable industrial products, we are able to deliver customized RMVision™ products in any desired quantity from a one-off solution to an OEM solution for your machine.


Computer Vision

High-resolution color imaging allows your machines to recognize objects, detect defects or other abnormalities, as well as real-time feedback from the inside of your machine or process.

3D Perception

3D Perception augments vision by the ability to perform spatial reasoning, accurately providing estimates of pose, distance and volume. This information can either be used to make existing machines smarter or allow a robotic system to precisely pick up and manipulate an object.

Machine Learning

Machine learning provides the ability to deal with object categories that were previously elusive to automated processing as well as higher level reasoning abilities such as distinguishing between person and object, automatically recognizing human behaviors, or estimating the status of a process from unstructured information.


The RMVision™ box can easily integrate with your machine or process control software via Modbus, USB, Ethernet, Wifi or Amazon AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT and Google IoT Cloud. Internet connectivity allows for seamless integration with your existing automation solutions.

RMVision™ also directly integrates with RMStudio™, a powerful process monitoring and control tool.