Move. All-in-one material handling solution

Use RMMove™ to setup even large warehouses in a few minutes and define waypoints for all relevant stations in your manufacturing process. The robot can drive around by itself, stops when it encounters a human, and automatically avoids obstacles. Load the robot’s main cargo area, have the robot drop or retrieve its companion cart throughout the environment, or even load and unload itself.


Process optimization

Our intuitive user interface RMStudio™ allows users to easily specify complex routes throughout your environment, allowing you to improve flow between the different stations of your shop and dramatically increase throughput. Letting the robot control the flow often reduces lead time from weeks to days.

Autonomous docking

Our patent-pending docking mechanism allows the MIR cart to automatically pick up and drop off mobile trays. The trays are fully configurable to meet different requirements and allow the robot to setup workstations, move a large variety of parts, and store and retrieve goods for later processing.

Proven, industrial-grade mobility platform

Our solutions are based on the MIR autonomous mobility platform, a reliable and robust vehicle that provides human-safe navigation abilities with payloads from 100kg to 1000kg.