RMStudio™ charges by usage, charging you per station that you are actually using on your shop floor with an unlimited number of users. Different tiers allow you to start small (up to 10 stations and 3 IIoT/robotic devices), before you decide to increase automation using RMStudio™’s AI solutions for advanced data analytics, flow optimization, and machine vision.



Per station, up to 10 stations, including 3 hardware end-points, online support



Per station, up to 25 stations, 10 hardware endpoints, AI solutions, advanced support



Per station, unlimited endpoints  (25 minimum), unlimited hardware  endpoints, advanced features,  AI solutions, personal support

Return on Investment

Direct benefits of employing RMStudio™ are putting hours currently used for supervision and tracking back into production use, improved quality control, labor savings by process-integrated automation, data for continuous improvement, and improved customer service. Use your ROI calculator or contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Turn hours spent on supervising your process into actual production time, and expect saving multiple full-time equivalent positions.

Detect machine malfunctions, lack of consumables, and quality problems as they appear and prevent downtime, minimize rework, and reduce returns.

Use real-time data to see where your bottlenecks are and understand your actual throughput, OEE and MCT, and improve them by double-digit percentage points.

Provide your customers with up-to-date information on lead-time, and save hours of time spent on inquires and tracking down orders.

Benefit from labor savings and improved cadence by connecting 3rd party robotic devices, for example by using material handling robots at 1/3 of the cost of a worker.

Save hours per day entering order and shipping information by integrating with cloud-based eCommerce and shipping solutions.