How does it work?

Spatial Setup

A manufacturing process is represented by stations on a map of your facility, routes that work-in-process can take, and operations workers or machines perform.

Change or add new processes in a few minutes using our browser interface, and you are ready to record data and take control of your workflow.


Dashboards are automatically generated from your process. Your workers can move items by the lot, as individual lot, or as a fractional unit.

You can use any touchscreen interface, including iPhones, Android tablets, and the low-cost Amazon Fire tablets.

RMStudio also directly connects to your machine via REST API or Graph QL (for services that already are in the cloud).


Statistics are available per station and per process. Select the time range of interest to receive aggregated information on throughput.

Setup your actual work hours, including breaks, to automatically calculate Optimal Equipment Efficiency (OEE), that is how much each station is actually used, and Manufacturing Cycle Time (MCT), that is the total time for an item to move through your process.

Cloud vs. on-premise

RMStudio™ lives in the cloud, allowing you to get started with nothing, but an internet connection and a few tablets. Many of our customers require 100% availability and are located in areas with unreliable internet connections. For these customers, we provide RMStudio as an on-premise solution with a dedicated server.


RMStudio™ allows you to copy and paste lots from and to your preferred spreadsheet application. RMStudio allows you to automatically draw (and place) lots in your preferred shopping, shipping and inventory software package using REST and GraphQL APIs.