Device Integration

RMStudio™ is not only a powerful solution to monitor and control your workflow, but also provides you access to a growing number of IIoT and robotics devices, often without any additional programming as RMStudio™ already knows what you are doing.

ANDON Lights

RMStudio™ uses color codes to indicate if a process is on-time, late or overdue. Project this information onto the shopfloor by connecting to cloud-enabled signal towers from Patlite.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

RMStudio™ natively integrates with the Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) and other AMRs via REST API.

By modeling your process in RMStudio™ and tagging routes as AMR-enabled, AMRs will take over material handling for you, no additional programming needed, and you can be sure your AMR is optimally integrated into your process, working for and not against you.

Machine Utilization Sensors

Augment manually collected data by actual machine utilization by connecting to machine utilization sensors from MachineTracking.

…and many more

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